Taylorville Moose Lodge 1516 Newsletter 


Be prepared to show your Moose membership card at any time. Moose International has told all Lodges to have a stricter policy pertaining to having members show their cards. You will have to show your Moose membership card, with expiration date, when entering the lodge for the Friday night meal, all lodge sponsored meals and when signing up for the drawings. On Friday nights and for lodge sponsored meals, the chair person sitting at the sign up table will ask to see your card. Please have it ready to avoid any confusion. The bartenders can ask to see your card at any time and will ask for it when you sign up for the drawings or when you redeem your entertainment. You need to carry the card at all times. You must have it or you will be asked to go get it.
If your dues are expired, you are not allowed in the lodge for any reason, not even as a guest (General Laws 50.2, Section 10 from Moose International).



The Dog Days of Summer are about over and we still do not have the Children’s Playground Equipment installed, however, a group of officers plan to install the equipment on Saturday, September 1, 2012. (RAINED OUT. LOOK FOR RESCHEDULE DATE) We will be starting at 6:30 a.m. – if you can spare a little time, please come out and help. 

This past month Wednesday & Friday meals were very successful, primarily as a result of our volunteers and the new variety of meals prepared by the always present help. Thank all of you who participated in the planning, preparation and serving of the meals. 

Labor Day is the last holiday of the summer and I hope all of you enjoy your holiday as you prepare for school and upcoming Fall events. 

One very important event coming soon is the 7th  Annual Golf Tournament which will be held on Saturday, October 6th at the Lakeshore Golf Course. We will have a steak dinner for the player and his/her guest after the tournament along with other  activities. 

The Family Picnic will be held on Sunday, October 14, 2012. Check your email and Bulletin Board for more information. 

On Saturday, October 20, 2012 we are holding our first ever “Red Solo Cup” Party and it will be opened to the public!! Linda Lou will be preparing her famous fried chicken and Donnie Stephens will be grilling ribs! Live music by Next of Kin will begin at 8:00 p.m. The men are waiving application fees for this event only, so bring your friends out to visit and join the Moose. 

A note of business, none of us like to think there are members that do not behave properly in the Lodge, but bad behavior does happen occasionally! If you feel that you have experienced bad behavior or feel that you have been mistreated in any way in the Lodge, there is an Incident Book which any bartender has access to; please see the bartender should an incident take place and document it so that action can be taken. 

And, as always, if you would like to discuss anything with me or have questions, please feel free to contact me at the Lodge or by telephone at 217.825.9859

Gene Edwards, Governor


The Moose of the Month for August is BOB PAYNE!  Please thank BOB for all of his hard work around the lodge when you see him.


The Hurrier I Go, the Behinder I Get!

Summer is winding down. School is in full swing. Does that mean our lives are going to slow down or are things going to get busier? 

September Community Project: Again this year, our Chapter would like to show our support for Operation Santa. This group  sends Christmas stockings to our service men and women overseas. We would like to collect toiletry items that can be used to stuff the stockings. If each chapter member would provide items for just one stocking, we could fill a lot of stockings! A  collection box will be placed by the front door. Here are a few suggested items, but feel free to add or substitute other items. 

List Of Items Being Collected: * Please travel size items only; * Please no soap, glass, aerosol, or full size products.

Card or letter of support    Hot cocoa   Individual drink mixes for bottled water   Bags of beef jerky   Instant soup   Granola bars  Chewing gum   Breath mints   Hard candy   AA batteries   White or black socks (not dress socks)   Lip balm   Hand wipes   Pocket pack of tissues   Hand sanitizer   Toothbrushes   Toothpaste   Dental floss   Shampoo   Bar soap   Deodorant   Razors   

Our soldiers and sailors appreciate your support!

Illinois Day at Mooseheart is Saturday, September 8. We would like to have a car full of coworkers go this year. If you are interested, please call me at 820-9110. This could possibly turn into an overnight trip, depending on the preference of the group.

Did you know we have a new Sunshine Child?

Her name is Kiana Cuesta. Be sure to check the WOTM bulletin board to read about her. Her 15th birthday is coming up on October 13. If you would like to send a small gift or birthday card, please drop them off at the Lodge by October 1. We’re also hoping we can meet her on Illinois Day! 

Keep an eye out for information about our Red Solo Cup party that is scheduled for Saturday, October 20 in our outdoor pavilion (weather permitting)! We will be serving my cousin, Linda DeWeese’s awesome fried chicken and Donnie Stephen's mouthwatering BBQ ribs – YUM! Live music will be provided by "Next of Kin." Come have dinner and stay for the music! There will also be raffles and other fun things! AND The Illinois Moose Association will join the party and will be selling mugs, hoodies, dress shirts, t-shirts and much more! 

As always, we welcome your ideas for projects and activities.

Yours in Fraternal Service,

Senior Regent Gail – 820-9110

The Co-Worker of the Month for August is KAREN WILLER!  Please thank KAREN for all of her hard work around the lodge when you see her..



Moose Membership Includes Many Value-Added Benefits:

While a Moose member’s current membership card provides access to over 1,600 Lodges across North America, it also o ers much, much more. Moose members are a orded a variety of money-saving opportunities, from saving 10% or more on hotel accommodations at Choice Hotels or Wyndham Group Hotels, to 4.5 cents per minute state-to-state long distance telephone calling, to discount car rentals at Enterprise and Hertz, to discounts of up to 85% o  newsstand pricing on new subscriptions and renewals at www.moosesubscriptions.com  and so much more! For more information, visit http://www.mooseintl.org/public/benets.asp The 2012-13 password is “heard”. Use your Moose discounts just once and it may save you more than the cost of a year’s membership.

Be sure to save the following items for Mooseheart. We will have a canister on the shelf under the WOTM bulletin board by the meeting room. These items include General Mills box tops and Campbell's Soup Labels. Also include Coke Rewards where you can post your points online. Enter zip code 60539 and select Mooseheart. See the Moose Charities website for more info: www.moosecharities.org/SchoolPrograms.asp

The mailing list for both the LOOM and WOTM needs to be recreated /updated in a Word document. There are approximately 650 names and addresses that need to be input. If you have a couple of hours a week and wish to help, please contact Becky Edwards at bedwards@bngpartners.com  or call 217.825.6505


There is still time for your children to apply for a Moose Scholarship!! Your Taylorville Moose Lodge currently has two (2) $1,000.00 scholarships available for high school seniors whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are members in good standing of the Taylorville Moose Family Center or Chapter (see Bartender for application). Also available are scholarships from the Illinois Moose Organization or Moose International; visit the following sites for information:

http://www.mooseintl.org/portal/membership/historyDale.asp  or


Should you have any questions, please contact the Moose Lodge at 217.287.1232.


Hello current and potential Moose Riders,

First of all I want to apologize for dropping the reigns on the group for the summer. I've ridden my bike to Montana this summer and that took a lot of my time and attention.
I would like to plan at least one more ride before the weather turns. If anyone has any ideas please don't hesitate to call me 217-827-5814

Thank you,
Bob Dunn


Moose International is now sending out new membership cards on a daily basis. Please go on line to Moose International to pay your dues prior to the end of the month that your membership expires. New cards will be mailed from Moose International 3 days after payment is received. We don’t want anyone risking losing their lodge privileges because of membership expiration.
Be sure and carry your membership card with you. Lodges have been instructed by Moose International to check membership cards.

It has been brought to my attention that several of our members, especially our new members, are not receiving their newsletters.  Please talk with your Moose buddies and make sure that they are receiving theirs. 
If it is feasible for you, consider being eco-friendly and get your newsletter e-mailed to you.  Send your e-mail address to the editor at bedwards@bngpartners.com to get added.  It will save the environment and the lodge on printing costs and postage.