The Social Quarters Manager or their designated Stewards will be responsible to the House Committee to see that the following Rules and Regulations are being strictly enforced at all times.

Social Quarters hours of operation will be posted at the front door of the Social Quarters.  Admittance of members and their guests are to be strictly enforced according to the Rules and Regulations.  No member will be admitted to the Lodge or Social Quarters without a current membership card in his or her possession.  No member or guest will be allowed in the building if intoxicated.  The judgment of the Social Quarters Manager or their authorized Stewards will rule on these matters when they arise.  If the Manager or Steward that is on duty refuses a member and/or guest service, he or she must leave the premises immediately.

The Manager or Steward on duty will give last call at the bar thirty (30) minutes before the closing hour and will give a closing reminder ten (10) minutes before closing. There will be no exceptions.

No mixed drinks or alcoholic beverages of any kind will be carried from the building.

Approved games (cards, Wii games, Bean Bag, etc.) can only be played in the Banquet Room or new gaming area, providing it is not disruptive to others or does not interfere with scheduled Moose Lodge functions.  The Social Quarters Manager or their authorized Stewards will rule on these matters when they arise.

The restricted areas in the parking lot are to be observed as reserved parking areas.  Anyone that parks in these areas, other than those we have authorized, is subject to having their vehicle towed.   

Social Quarters Rules and Regulations

The House Committee operates the Social Quarters under authority
of the Constitution and General Laws of the Loyal Order of Moose.

1.)      Only Loyal Order of Moose and Women of the Moose members may make purchases.

2.)      Members are responsible for the conduct of their guest.

3.)      Gentlemanly and ladylike (orderly) conduct is required of all persons in the Lodge and Social Quarters, at all times.

4.)      No person in a state of intoxication will be admitted.  The Social Quarters Steward is authorized to refuse to serve anyone,
        at any time.

5.)      Loud, profane, or obscene language will not be tolerated in the Social Quarters or Lodge at any time.

6.)      Members are required to show their membership card upon request of the House Committee or authorized Social Quarters

7.)      The Social Quarters will only be open on the days and during the hours posted by the House Committee.

8.)      Being present in the Lodge building during closed hours is unlawful, for any member.

9.)    No one will be allowed to bring their own alcohol onto the Moose Lodge premises.

10.)    Alcohol beverages are not permitted outside of the Social Quarters or Lodge building unless it is a Moose Lodge function
         (picnic, etc.) that is approved by the House Committee. You will be allowed to take can beverages and those in a plastic
         cups to the pavilion area. This is the only area outside of the Lodge building you are permitted to consume beverages
         with alcohol content.

11.)    Smoking is not allowed in the building, but will be permitted in designated areas only. These areas include the smoking
         gazebo outside the east parking lot door and the new smoking room outside the new addition.

12.)    Moose Lodge functions will take precedent over all other events within the Social Quarters or Lodge.

13.)    Only members of the Moose Lodge will be allowed to rent the Banquet Room for a function.  The member renting the room
         will be responsible for the conduct of their guest and cleaning up the room.

14)     Any person violating these rules will be removed from the premises and will be denied the privileges of the Social Quarters
        or Lodge until reinstated by the House Committee. 

15.)     It shall be the duty of the members of the House Committee and authorized employees to strictly enforce these rules.

Taylorville Moose Lodge 1516/Family Center Committee of Members
Develop Guidelines for Children in the Social Quarters

  1.) No Running

  2.) No Foul Language

  3.) No Hitting or Fighting on Lodge property

  4.) No Throwing of items in the Lodge

  5.) No Bicycles or Skateboards on Lodge Property

  6.) No Playing in Parking Lot

  7.) No Drinks set on Machines in Game Room (Air Hockey)

  8.) Drink containers are to be returned to the Bar or Parents table

  9.) Pick up your trash when leaving Game Room

10.) No Damaging Property Inside or Outside of Lodge

11.) No children are allowed to play darts, pool, or shuffle board without a member supervising the activity.

12.) Parents or responsible adult MUST be present at all times when their children are at the Lodge.